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martes, 30 de octubre de 2012

Halloween in the Art subject

At last it is October 31st!!! 
Mummies, pumpkins, witches and vampires will come to class tomorrow! It is Halloween!! In the Art class all the student have been working on this topic and have made all these decoration for the school. They look so nice!!! Happy Halloween!!!
Bat attack in 3ºA

Halloween activities in 4ºA

Halloween crafts in 4º A

Halloween decoration and stories 4ºB

Paco and our skeleton
1ºA Halloween crafts

Decoration for 1º and 2º

Happy Halloween in the 1st cycle

Skeleton in 2º

2 comentarios:

Eva dijo...

Great work, boys, girls and teachers!!

CRISTINA dijo...

Thank you Eva!!!