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jueves, 31 de octubre de 2013

Family projects: Halloween desserts and crafts

Here are more Halloween projects photos that our families have sent us. Enjoy them!!!
Look at Marina (5 años B) and Sergio, Daniel and María from 4ºA, and their Halloween dessert!

Look at Valle, Ana I, Ana and Ana I from 5º B making delicious witches!!!
 And this girls from 2º A are preparing bloody eyes and spiders!!!

Here are Carmen, Zaira and Luis Manuel from 3º A that have enjoyed together making a delicious cake!! mmm yummy!!!
Zaira and Carmen

Carmen, Zaira and Luis Manuel

Look at María (3ºB) and Rocío Cerrada (3 años A) and their beautiful Halloween crafts!!!
Rocío and María
Look at Alejandro Barbosa from 1º A and his enormous spider!! We are amazed with it!!

Alejandro and his wonderful spider!

Nayara from 4 años B and her sister Nerea are showing us her Halloween crafts. Good job, girls!!

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